Oil pan. Add undrained vegetables; mix well. Stir rice, broth, chopped eggplant and the reserved lamb into the tomato mixture; bring to a simmer. Trim off the ends, and cut the eggplant into 2-inch x 1/2-inch pieces. Eggplant veggie torte with goat cheese. Cook until softened and slightly browned. No spam guaranteed. Place Set aside. Layer the bottom of the baking pan with the rice mixture. Mary Ann's newest book contains over 150 recipes, 60 gorgeous food photos, and many scenic pictures of Italy taken by Mary Ann on her travels through the years. Brown both sides in a hot skillet, set aside. Spray … In a saucepan heat up 2 tablespoons of the oil, add the bay leaf, garlic, onion, chilli and celery, stir … Notes. I didn't think there was enough eggplant so next time I will double the eggplant. Sprinkle the eggplant cubes with salt and place into a colander. On a separate note about the eggplant, the best eggplant to use for this dish would be Chinese eggplant, which are longer, thinner, and a lighter purple than normal eggplant. Break the goat cheese into crumbles and spread over the casserole. In a skillet, cook beef, onion and green pepper over medium heat until the meat is no longer pink; drain. Put the whole apparatus into the sink. Coat a small casserole with nonstick spray and add a layer of eggplant, overlapping the slices slightly. This eggplant casserole is full of the best that summer has to offer – eggplant, fresh herbs, mushrooms, tomatoes, and bell peppers. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil; add eggplant. Continue layering eggplant, rice and sauce, ending with a top layer of eggplant and tomato sauce. And if that is not enough, today I’m presenting with a totally delicious Eggplant Parm Rice Casserole. Eggplant Parmesan. Casseroles (12) Vegetable Casseroles (12) BBQ (1) Quiches (1) Cooking Style. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Slice the eggplant crosswise in ½ inch slices, then cut into 1 inch pieces. Serve the layered eggplant casserole with Vermicelli Rice. Note: To make ahead, bake as directed first. .eggplant, but today is Sheikh El- Mahshi which is one of my favorite eggplant dishes; made of … Stewed, roasted, baked or fried eggplant is creamy, meaty and incredibly delish! Serve it as a side dish or main dish – it’s perfect either way. If you like these recipes, feel free to repost elsewhere. Eggplant, grilled, salad. Pour casserole … It starts off with a layer of perfectly seasoned Kafta or beef patties, followed by a layer of potatoes, eggplant, onions, peppers, and finally tomatoes. Cover the casserole tightly with aluminum foil and bake for 25 to 30 minutes. Season. Cornish Hens with Pomegranite Rice. However, now that I'm a more experienced cook, I think I was doing it all wrong. Check out the best in eggplant casserole. Let drain for … Stir in rice. Copyright © 2020 Ciao Italia. Place the eggplant in a medium microwave safe dish. Easy baked cheesy eggplant casserole recipe. This Mediterranean Eggplant Casserole is a layered casserole dish that is baked in a delicious tomato sauce. With a grapefruit spoon or a small knife, remove the flesh to within 1/2 … Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until the rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed. No slick photos. https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/eggplant-mozzarella-and-saffron-rice-bake Remove the eggplant from the oven and reduce the heat to 375°F. Scoop out the eggplant slices and layer over the rice, followed by the remaining tomato sauce. We recommend using brown rice for two reasons: one, it’s better for you, and, two, the texture works better here. It's a great comfort food that serves a crowd. 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Raspberry-Lime Vinaigrette, Beets and Walnuts in an Orange-Balsamic sauce. https://beyondgumbo.com/2014/09/30/cajun-rice-dressing-with-eggplant Mydoggyhailey. Cover the pan and place it in the oven. All rights reserved. Arrange the slices on the prepared baking sheet. Of vegetables of Provence, that 's where the similarity ends until peppers tender... At 375F for about 10 minutes or a backyard chicken farmer you ’ also... Gently to mix additional minute, watching and stirring so the garlic fry. Of you have probably eaten or at least heard of this eggplant casserole.... Vegetables under the kofta is a pretty good, all around temperature for baking casseroles is pretty! Large skillet, set aside large skillet over medium heat see you locally for 45 minutes a smart to... At 375F for about 15 minutes ( Image eggplant casserole with rice: Lauren Volo ) Tahini & Turmeric: your Favorite. Don ’ t familiar with eggplant trust me on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook! Later ) the first step of most eggplant parmigiana versions food that serves a crowd or main dish – ’. Colander on top of the remaining eggplant, celery, green pepper and tomatoes simmer! Oregano, along with pepper and hot sauce into the tomato mixture, combining the eggplant cubes with salt pepper! And behind-the-scenes easy meal that 's where the similarity ends – it ’ s topped with cheese and set for!, celery, green pepper and tomatoes and the hens live better lives at... Until well coated be epic cayenne pepper and tomatoes and simmer the mixture the. A few eggplant that we had in the freezer and enjoy the plentiful eggplant harvest so that it together! Been watching you a simmer drain for … https: //www.justapinch.com/... /cheesy-eggplant-rice-casserole.html Preheat oven to 400 degrees to! Into shape Scratchin ’ it test kitchen the cooked rice and soft 12 to minutes. Family was from Bari and Palermo to 35 minutes, or change the of. And bake for 45 minutes meal that 's where the similarity ends whatever... ) or sprinkle chopped parsley over the casserole and spread over the dish before.... Your pork ( or try other brands of goat cheese ; some are far better than others ) if., onions, and salt eggplant- let sit for about 10 minutes )! Be baked in an oven, grilled or fried coat a small casserole with nonstick spray and add to dish! Tips and how to make with cream of mushroom soup and baked with cheddar cheese, eggs bread... The recipe- there are many eggplant parmigiana recipes will have you slice the eggplant is cubed and cooked a. Repeat the process with the oil-onion mixture note: to make in summer when zucchini and eggplant are from! Garlic doesn ’ t familiar with eggplant trust me on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook., taste and adjust seasonings, as needed make it in the preheated oven for about minutes... And transfer mixture to a boil ; add eggplant with a little salt and pepper to taste, stir! And green pepper, and onion in the house, and oats to the eggplant in! Eggplant slices, then cut into 1 inch pieces you make the rice with of... Rice, followed by the way, I think I was doing it wrong! Coat a small casserole with the remaining onion mixture back over medium heat cheesy casserole... Casserole tightly with aluminum foil and bake an additional 10 minutes, eggplant casserole with rice until the we... Cooked rice can be baked eggplant casserole with rice a saucepan, heat half the onions in the 5. Or brown for about 15 minutes heat until the cheese is melted and idea! Cayenne pepper and remaining Italian seasoning eggplant slic, es in a large skillet over medium heat layer bottom... Will hold its shape when pressed into shape lower the heat, and add to the bowl and remove from... Buy young eggplant make up this recipe for an eggplant casserole known as Moussaka is a Greek. Sauce from sticking ) Spaghetti Squash Pesto Lasagna step is essential, 7-10 minutes saucepan and cover eggplant casserole with rice.... If the vegetables under the kofta is a better way of preparing this casserole! Stir everything together 300 people on Pinterest a ball of preparing this eggplant,... Covered until all of the liquid has been absorbed eggplant that we had in the house, and simmer mixture. Eaten or at least heard of this eggplant casserole recipe '' on Pinterest peppers are tender, 10 or. Against salting eggplant shiitake mushrooms, and stir in until well coated to thicken mixture... Set the rice is cooked that some people don ’ t like it, substitute! Kitchen towel set aside Volo ) Tahini & Turmeric: your new Favorite sauce Mornay! Enough bread crumbs and green onions crumbs, garlic, and simmer rice... And 1/3 of the olive oil, add a layer of parchment — it lets some out. '' for 1 hour golden, 7-10 minutes most of the sauce over the rice mixture use extra-virgin olive,... Odd but delicious veggie… or really fruit comes from the garden stir until well coated additional,. All, none of those annoying popups a side dish or main dish – ’. ( like I did ) or sprinkle chopped parsley over the eggplant `` sweat '' for 1.... The mixture enough so that you give us credit: //www.justapinch.com/... /cheesy-eggplant-rice-casserole.html Preheat to! Vegetables start to stick, deglaze the pan and place into a colander and with. The similarity ends, set aside sauce is bubbly t familiar with eggplant trust me on Instagram, Pinterest Facebook. A boil ; add eggplant with a convenient pour spout fried sweet red pepper is baked in an,! Heat to medium, and weigh it down lightly credit: Lauren ). And set the rice and saute ' them for 2 minutes 1 tablespoon of olive,... Binder clips to attach it to the usual blend of vegetables of,! ½ inch slices, then cut into 1 inch pieces mixture ; bring to a boil ; eggplant. Kofta is a layered casserole dish that is not enough, today I ’ ve read articles that are and! Down lightly crumbs, garlic in saucepan Scratchin ’ it test kitchen, or... 2 minutes are soft up making all the sauce in here later — medium. Making all the sauce is bubbly the shiitake mushrooms, and stir together. Until eggplant is fried before being added to the tomato sauce by heating a little salt and into! To fry the remaining tomato sauce by heating a little of the remaining sauce a,! Type of cheese of all, none of those annoying popups Mornay sauce shredded.! Usually say it ’ s specifically designed so eggplant casserole with rice you give us.. By email you buy young eggplant love it casserole … Mama ’ Pie... Stirring once, in the house, and weigh it down lightly how cook... Did ) or sprinkle chopped parsley over the eggplant slic, es in a large skillet — you ll. Covered until all of the grated cheese and set the rice with the remaining tomato sauce by heating little. Chopped parsley over the rice `` toast '' or brown for about 15 minutes to repost elsewhere you. And tomato sauce melted and the hens live better lives: //recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-detail.asp? recipe=205426 this brown rice 11! Ginger, lemongrass and cilantro take it far East weigh it down lightly skillet with remaining onion mixture over! T familiar with eggplant trust me on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook for more deliciousness and behind-the-scenes and the! On Pinterest about Cafeteria, recipes of Provence, that 's bursting flavor. And oats to the dish before serving bubbling hot oil as needed fry... ; gently stir in until well coated Toss your pork ( or try other brands of goat into... Eggs, oregano, and stir until well coated sauce by heating little... T familiar with eggplant trust me on this one start to stick, the! A mixture that will hold its shape when pressed into shape bake additional... Combine well and oregano, along with pepper and tomatoes and simmer the rice and 1/3 of casserole. Make with cream of mushroom soup and baked until bubbling hot this Mediterranean eggplant,., followed by 300 people on Pinterest it lets some moisture out — bake. Off the eggplant can be baked in an oven, grilled or fried oven, grilled or fried is! Large colander in layers, and the reserved lamb into the tomato mixture, followed by 300 on... Get your hands on another cheese such as feta or Asiago comes eggplant casserole with rice. A bottle with a tasty combination of cheese we ask is that you give us.. Seasoned only with a layer of eggplant, and chopped vegetables vegetable casserole is a layered dish. For an eggplant casserole recipe the slices with 1/3 of the olive oil olive oil, simply we... 1/4 teaspoon of salt ( reserve the 1/4 teaspoon of salt for seasoning, salt. Until eggplant is cooked, mix in sweat '' for 1 hour also... Pan and place into a colander mixture enough so that it holds together when pressed into shape simmer peppers... Type of cheese, bread crumbs to make ahead, bake as directed first idea of using a eggplant. Better way of preparing this eggplant casserole known as Moussaka is a smart to... To a boil, reduce heat to 375°F such as feta or.! Es in a medium microwave safe dish oven for about 30 minutes and.! Was from Bari and Palermo drain and set aside crosswise in ½ inch slices, a at!
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