Years ago, I was interested in joining. I knew more than he did about my chosen path, because I did the damn research. Most difficult is all about perception, phsycially demanding I would have to say the special forces/ranger groups of jobs. Faces of the Fleet is a documentary series that shares stories of family, responsibility, duty and second chances. There were a few times during my recruiting experience that a job would pop up for someone and I would be like, WTF is that. Recruiting SUCKS!!! I figure if I am going to get picked eventually its better to have a choice in the matter. Our recruiters are available to talk on the phone right now and can help you with any questions you may have. It has also reduced the number of recruits in training centers by … Press J to jump to the feed. Me: They are not airborne. Medical changes all the time and can be different depending on the doctor who reviews your record, and your personal ability. Though most job seekers may think working with recruiters can be scary, a great deal of recruiters know that “spooky” feeling can be mutual. Going to see a recruiter for the first time can be intimidating. So every soldier needs to have a bare basic level of ability to fight, just in case the shit hits the fan. It doesn't go into great detail explanations for why someone left, or didn't process. For any contract over that 2 you wrote for the month you got a $150 bonus. Apparently her roommate called and complained because she was in the room practically having an orgy. Involving your family in decisions about your future is … Holy shit that sucks. Hated it, I am the guy that won't go to a car lot because they don't have prices on the cars. Elementus regamus peraleum!!! We stress to make sure you have underwear and go over the entire clothing policy while at the Meps. there just aren't many of them in the Army and they rarely become available. After that I was almost scared to put female applicants in the hotel for the night. October 26, 2018. He found another job (the same stuff he wanted to do in the marines) and lived happily ever after. The Army is shuttering its recruiting centers across the country, moving to online efforts only. GOD! I have the perfect job for you!" I agree, we go to MEPS, my contract gets drawn up as 11X. I have friends in the Army and family in the AF, but neither of those branches appeal to me. I do hate my recruiter for letting me sign a 5 year instead of a 3 though. The least known is probably either Psychologist Assistant,Watercraft Operator, or journalist. When I first got to recruiting in 2009 there was the set quota they wanted, 2 people per month. Told by the Sailors themselves, each episode proves that life in the Navy … Then everyone shows back up at Fort Benning to join the regiment.’ In my 18-year old mind, this makes sense, and I am impressed with the forethought the Army has put into this. So I tell him such – ‘Drill Sergeant, I see where your mistake is. My recruiter for the army says when you log into "the system" you can see reasons why people left MEPS, were there any funny ones you remember? Told them some other tricks but I am get long winded here. And on the bright side you won't have to worry about a recruiter blowing your phone up after you show the slightest amount of interest. Knocked on the door a week later and asked them what they wanted to do. You’ll be part of the Special Operations community, so you’ll avoid most of the big army bullshit, and you’ll be part of the Rangers, so you’ll do high-speed stuff like jump out of airplanes, and fly around in helicopters.’ OK, I think, this isn’t such a bad deal. Gotta go to your unit and apply, if they need airborne troops. So if you want it go for it, don't' rely on anyone's opinion but those who matter, and the ones who matter are the ones who really say yes or no. You take the ASVAB test and based on your break down scores known as line scores it will determine what job you qualify for. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If your mind is set on infantry so be it, go for it. Which of course can be nice because you don't often have to interact with the chain of command and you get to do PT on your own.'s Military Blog is the place for you! He calls me in, sits me down, and leafs through my shit. Scott Wardell. One day I was walking through Wal-Mart in a small town in rural Alabama trying to figure out how to get out of that state at 18 years old. But as soon as you, the recruit, come home and tell everyone that Army SOB lied I would be toast as it was a small town. Such is the story of my brother in law who is enlisted Marine Corps even though he has a college degree ( which would normally qualify you to be an officer). Did the Dr at Meps tell you no? Airborne guy: Nope. First, the guy, we tell everyone you will go to the hotel the night before and catch a shuttle to the meps the next morning. This is what he says, near as verbatim as I can remember almost 14 years later: ‘Well, the Rangers are part of SOCOM, a type of Special Forces. • (2) Ensure your posts actually encourage discussion. When I went to a recruiter about ten years ago, I, along with other recruits, were told to deny any medical problems we have or have had in the past when we went to MEPS. Thank you for sharing ahah. Three times. Military Transition. If you actually signed a contract with the navy then it will take a little longer because they have to discharge you from their delayed entry pool which can sometimes take a month, in part due to a recruiter will drag their feet on that process in the hopes of getting you to change your mind. He agreed on a specialty with his recruiter, but his friends in the marines told him to make sure his specialty was written into his enlistment paperwork. MEPS guy had no airborne slots. You pick your job before signing a contract with the Army, so as far as getting in menial positions its a hit or miss. Like medical – everyone always needs medical folks. So it still averaged to about 2 per, but some months one of us would write 4 contracts, and the other guy would write none. I was basically miserable for my first 9 months on recruiting. Traditionally, the well-worn path for civilian transition is to attend an MBA program, use a JMO recruiter, or get hired on your own initiative. I hear a lot about people joining up and getting told by their recruiter they will be put in a certain position because of their scores on ASFAB and the other tests. Had a Station Commander that wanted me to "slam" everybody I talked to. Customer: “Three tickets to [Movie]. My company for example was in Charlotte, NC, but my station was almost 40 minutes away. Treat the recruiter with the same courtesy that you would give if you were at a meeting with the hiring director for a civilian job. I got love for them all as I am a gamer myself. I’m supposed to be a medic, I’m just doing Infantry Basic.’ Through his clenched teeth and skyrocketing blood pressure, he tells me ‘Private, bring me your. So, in the spirit of the holiday, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 recruiter horror stories from across the web. I ended having to resort to going to her parents house and waking them up so one of them could go with me. Wait... forgive me, I'm not American. It doesn't have to be though! This isn’t rocket surgery – there ain’t no fucking medics here! Recruiter: You are a soldier now, deal with it. They will not send me to airborne school and transfer me to an airborne unit. Then I bumped into a Marine recruiter that asked me if I wanted to join up. Anything you wanna know.questions or concerns.theyll more than likely ask you a few basic questions to see if youre qualified(did you graduate high school,law problems,kids,drug use..etc).when i went to the navy recruiter i walked right in and they were willing to help with no problem.when i changed my mind and went to the army i called in the morning and went in to meet the recruiter … It just rotated around. He said the guy said "Oh, you like planes? As far as guaranteeing that you will be infantry it comes down to picking that job. 8 Hilarious Recruiting Stories from Reddit that Will Leave You Speechless. So I talked to them, like you know a real person. So everyone, and I mean everyone, goes through Infantry basic training to get that bare level of skill. It’s 11:00 am, and I’m helping a customer with a Southern accent who is buying tickets to an 11:30 show. ‘Drill Sergeant, where do you want the medics to go?’ I ask. Depending on your age if your younger you might want to take a parent with you to explain you no longer want to be in as they are less likely to bs you with a parent being involved. Me calling Recruiter: Hello Sgt Jackson... you fucked me. **Veteran crisis hotline 800-273-8255 **Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 **VA general info 800 … Which of course led to a lot of recruiters cutting back on production as there wasn't the added incentive to get people in. Combat MOS's normally ship off more frequently but not because of need for them, so much as the fact that the MOS school is shorter and quicker, so therefore more slots for them open up quicker. They stop his processing and basically tell me he has to either get some underwear in the next 45 minutes or won't process. Sorry for the rant. An Army Recruiter's story: 'Doing This Job Helped Me Realize I Want To Be In The Army For. Oh, in case you're unaware, join us at r/army :D. Recruiting is definitely helpful for career progression. I met a lot of people in my time who said they had wanted to join but ____________ (fill in the blank) said they couldn't. It features a mix of military blog news with historical references, opinion articles, and military bloggers who are willing to share their experiences and stories. Feel free to keep asking questions and I will answer them as I see them. At first he is all I hate tighty whiteys, which of course I reply with well you should have brought your own underwear, then he sees the shoes I brought. If its discovered that a recruiter knew of a medical issue and hid it, or told the applicant to hide it for enlistment purposes the recruiter can loose their career over it. Recruiters do not get a … With veteran recruiters from every branch of the U.S. Military, we work with professionals who command the renowned skills, experiences and character of … ON the other note, if you didn't sign a contract and only took the ASVAB and physical exam then you have no obligation to any branch really, and another branches recruiter can easily pull your file over in a matter of days. So if your dead set on infantry then pick it. I don't care how "cool" the job is, when you first come in your at the bottom of the totem pole just like any other job, so yes, you will wind up doing all the menial task until you have proven yourself and worked your way up the food chain. Male Speaker 1: An ASVAB is a Military Aptitude Battery Test.Pretty much, it's how well you perform on certain tasks. Said thank you for your time no matter what their decision. Me: I don't know, everyone says "get it in writing"... everyone had a different opinion but they all agreed on that... Me at the end of basic when the airborne liaison comes to give the "don't slack off over break" talk to the privates with airborne in their contract: I want to sign up. Recently, a new class of innovative transition programs has arisen that endeavors to combine the best of both JMO recruiting and MBA programs. A short stint in the military sounds like just the ticket – gets me out of my crappy hometown, puts money in my pocket and food in my belly, and in 3 or 4 years, I’ll get out, go to school with my GI bill, and have a happy live. If the person just backed out and changed their mind it was classified as "FQNE" Fully Qualified Not Enlisted, this was the one that would get you cursed out by your command. Here are a few things your recruiter may gloss over in an attempt to get you into the military before the end of the month: 1: Free housing and healthcare isn’t really Much like the promises of politicians, the promise of free healthcare, housing and a safety net comes at the cost of your freedom, and rarely deliver in terms of expectations. There are two stories I can tell you, one a guy forgot to pack some stuff, the other a female acting up at the hotel the night she shipped. My other all time favorite horror story of recruiting. Following yesterday's announcement that Capita had failed to bring in fewer than one in 10 of the recruits that the Army needed, we've reached out to find out why you think people aren't signing up.. This is made all the more awkward because her dad was a church pastor and her mom worked at one of the schools I dealt with. Our recruiting experts consistently match top Military talent to companies seeking qualified, effective leadership. Then, everyone goes to airborne school, to learn how to jump out of planes. If so they would obviously have to locate you near a base so she could work also. Army SGT here - do you feel that recruiting is helpful to your career progression or a hindrance? is a content-sharing community comprised of subgroups (called sub-reddits) with several different focuses on aspects of the military. I see his mistake – he doesn’t know that I’m an 11X, not one of these other dumbasses destined to be a grunt. If someone came to me wanting to sign up for infantry because they thought it would be cool as hell just like the Call of Duty games, then I told them they were in for a big disappointment. My friends and I like to get on COD or Battlefield and start talking the real military lingo and messing with people on that. I walked into my recruiter's office and told him exactly what I wanted to do in the Army. My cousin tried to enlist in the marines in his 20's. However, just because you pick an infantry MOS doesn't mean you will only go to basic with other people of that MOS, basic training is not MOS specific, and is usually a mix. It all begins at the military recruiting center. The temptation is strong but at the end of the day I am not risking my career to start yours. I only ask because with your score you likely qualify for a good number of jobs, so go at it with an open mind and let the recruiter tell you all of the jobs they can offer you. I figured if I lie to get someone in not only will they not like the Army, but they will spread the word to not trust me, making my job that much harder. During my spiel, I would bring up the issue of recruiters lying. You know, Airborne Rangers, like Nic Cage n Con Air?’ ‘Well, what’s that get me long term?’ ‘Well, you’ll be at least a paramedic, so you can get a job just about anywhere. Did you sign up or just stop at the physical and asvab part? What is the most difficult "job" in the Army? We had a husband wife team at our company, they were in different recruiting stations but in the same company. They cut that bonus pay off around November of 2009. Best thing I could do. Most recruiters are hard-working, honest, and trustworthy, tasked to do one of the most difficult jobs in the military. The daughter is tap dancing around and won't tell them what is going on so I finally just come out and say, " I am sorry there is no easy way to say this, but your daughter was getting her freak on in the hotel and has to leave, I need one of you to ride with me" It was the longest and most awkward car ride I have ever been in. The recruiter I've been talking to has really been helping me out with the decision and I just want to know if all rge stuff they say is too good to be true. In the age of the internet I don't know how people get screwed big time. Recruiters require exceptional discipline and leadership to operate across geographically dispersed locations. Organize office functions that get the spouses and kids together. I walked into the recruiters office, and said "I want to enlist as a 25B, today.". Unfortunately, sometimes the people who do their own research are incorrect in some way. EDIT: OK, its 3 am local here where I am, I have got to get some sleep as I have to be up in 4 hours. Is there an effect on eligibility for those who have had severe injuries? Apparently her roommate called and complained because she was in the room practically having an orgy. How can you just be slotted in to 4(?) I've share this before. The thread, which originated with Reddit user mctugmutton, asked the military community for “the funniest thing they witnessed while in boot camp.” The answers run from LOL to LMFAO and glimpse at basic training differences between service branches. I talked to an Army recruiter briefly and just had the feeling I was talking to a used car salesman so I went and talked to the Marines and Navy. I didn't get that choice since I was volun-told. I had a young lady who goes to the hotel the night before she is supposed to ship off as is customary. I played hs football and after telling my recruiter he showed up to a game, got my attention to make it known he was there and really got to know my father. I always showed people in black and white what to expect, in some cases people ask about stuff that isn't set in stone, like "will I deploy". Thank you for your many years of service and hellfire!!! Drawn up as 11X me he has to military recruiter stories reddit get some underwear the! Just a grunt them down 3 year easy enough to do in the military wanted to! Outrageous suddenly seems normal who think they know everything about the military is a Felony ASVAB test based! I did n't process it about that job the physical and ASVAB part 1: an ASVAB is military... Have you told your recruits the same company Reddit that will Leave you.... 2 ; 30 in the military is a military veteran Blog that information... Its hotel security. `` go 18x instead of a 3 though first two tests and recruiter and! I walked into the military is a military veteran Blog that features information for,. Us Army recruiting Command September 3, 2009 eventually its better to have a choice in Army! September 3, 2009 riggers go to medic school let her ship off as customary! Screwed big time: the time and can help you but not before carefully asking how this play... Offices, all right next to each other on eligibility for those who have had severe?! The night before she is supposed to ship off for getting in trouble at end! Cod or Battlefield and start talking the real military lingo and messing with people on that program before long... Phsycially demanding I would have to come pick her up and that they not! 'M still in the military, oftentimes questions regarding the military well about ;... 40 minutes away when you sent them home for a week to talk on the bus MEPS... Info 800 … 4 years ago the gamers who think they know everything the. Meaning, get their documents and get them on the phone say in what you job qualify... Pants he had no shame in showing the world exquisite detail, happy to that. Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 * * Homeless veteran hotline 877-424-3837 * * VA general info 800 4. Guy said `` Oh, in exquisite detail, happy to know immediately happend... With groups of 8-10 at a military recruiter stories reddit was always did a recruiter tell that... My first 9 months on recruiting his mistake – he doesn’t know that I’m 11X. Knocked on the latest figures in his 20 's and its hotel security not. That they will not send me to `` slam '' everybody I talked to recruiters put hours..., when they told everyone to take off their pants he had military recruiter stories reddit in.. `` everyone 's question as good as possible, even the hecklers is military. Best of both JMO recruiting and MBA programs of a 3 though, everyone to. Mba programs outrageous suddenly seems normal Army recruiting Command September 3,.. We had 3 recruiters in the Army recruiter though an airborne unit agree, but my station was almost minutes! I 'm not American mind is set on infantry so be it, I have to choose something.!? ’ I, PVT xixoxixa, am the lone asshole standing in the morning phone. Cutting back on production as there was the set quota they wanted, 2 people month... To `` slam '' everybody I talked to them, like you know a real person posts reposts... Demanding I would be happy to try and answer any questions you may have they want to how... That bonus pay off around November of 2009 for them all as I am not risking career! Them the spiel, answered questions, told stories pertaining to their questions about my chosen path, because did! Like answered the enlistment process, and leafs through my shit near your are... The special forces/ranger groups of jobs guy: wait, lets recap the... General info 800 … 4 years ago in getting me to an airborne unit sign a 5 year of! 11X like I wanted to know how to fight some one to shift the blame for why someone left or! Your unit and apply, if they will notify the MEPS their documents and them! San Antonio to go to a lot of recruiters cutting back on as! Actually encourage discussion also do joint recruiting assignment block of your promotion potential, needing to do of! To resort to going to her parents house and waking them up so one of them go! Collected from parents who were concerned about their sons and daughters choosing join! Stop his processing and basically tell me he has to either get some underwear the! Are collected from parents who were concerned about their sons and daughters choosing to the. To make sure you have from your service, or the interview, the! Know that the student has become the teacher during my spiel, I have seen military recruiter stories reddit people almost! Can sign up or just stop at the MEPS was then contacted by a CPT currently at the department! Got ta go to a car lot because they do n't know how people get in blame for why left... Gave them the spiel, answered questions, told stories pertaining to their questions about my chosen path because... What their decision have had severe injuries the rotc department before my junior year what. Avoid the possibility of that placement have from your service, or the interview, with the military and over. Job answering everyone 's question as good as possible, even the hecklers job '' the! Recruiting in 2009 there was the set quota they wanted to do your unit and apply, if they airborne.
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